Sharif Gearbox


about us

Sharif Gearbox was established on 1984 in order to provide various industries with required spare parts. As power transmission had grown to be the most important concern of industries our desire to solve problems had led us to designing and producing gearmotors. Our efforts made us the first producer of helical gearmotors in Iran and now is recognized as the leader producer and the most reputable brand in the country. Quickly solving problems so that our customers be more productive and profitable has always been our priority therefore, our team designed, developed and produce helical-bevel gearmotors for the first time in the country in order to provide our valuable customers with more solutions.
Today Sharif Gearbox is known as the most reputable and reliable producer of gearmotors in Iran. Our aim is to be customers' most favorable brand in the country and improve our access to the Middle Eastern market by developing and providing more innovative and reliable power transmission and motion control solutions. Our experience and expertise, world class technology, reliable supply chain, devoted personnel and rich organizational culture are our priceless resources to meet customers' needs and expectations.